Saison Du Monterey

The Story: Saison means season in French and I think that is a perfect name for a style of beer. Afterall, we remember certain beers we've had based on our experiences, and the seasons play a big role in that. Maybe it's that crisp Pilsner or Pale Ale on a Summer day, or a nice roasty Stout or high-octane Barleywine on a cold winter night. The seasons are ingrained in our lives and our beers...naturally.
The Brew: So for my last season in Monterey, late spring and summer, we went back to the classic Belgian roots and made a hoppy pale saison  with classic ingredients. Although it's hopped up a little more than most, it's not in Belgian
IPA territory. That's the beauty of using traditional noble hops, in my experience they provide a much more refined and subtle complexity to moderately hoppy beers than your typical IPA hops. This is a jazzed up hoppy Belgian summer ale for the geerbeek in all of us.

Malt: American 2-Row (75%), White Wheat (15%), German Munich (7%), Honey Malt (3%)
Hops: Cascade (Bittering); Styrian Goldings, French Strisselspalt (Late Hopping)
Extras: Turbinado Sugar, Wyeast Nutrient, Irish Moss
Yeast: Belgian Saison Blend (WLP565), Dry Belle Saison
Specs: 1.053 O.G., 6.2%abv, 27IBU

UPDATE: Won People's Choice 2013 MASH831 Spring Monterey Homebrew Invitational