Two Beers - One Boil: Spring 2019 Editions Ace in the Hole Double Kolsch & Slackline Saison

Brewing on a time budget can be tough, especially if you want to explore new ingredients and unique ingredients and styles. My favorite way to save time is to intentionally produce two different beers from the same mash and/or the same boil. This batch resulted in two very different beers solely based on the yeast and fermentation character - both absolutely delicious. 
The inspiring for this recipe came from my friend Brian who is just getting back into the Homebrew hobby. He wanted to brew something that was special but not terribly weird. I thought Saison would be a great platform to experiment. Given his desire for some citrusy character, it reminded me of a brew back in 2015 with my friend Ryan. A simple recipe but delicious and complex - Super Saison strength with Sorachi Ace Hops. This go around we mixed it up with some toasted and crushed Indian Coriander but we kept the classic yet temperamental Dupont Yeast WLP565 strain - if you have the fermentation time, it cant be beat. 

For the second brew - Ace in the Hole Double Kolsch -I chose an underrated yeast - German Ale WLP029 - typically reserved for Kolsch and Alt. It's super smooth and thought it might provide a great baseline to compare the recipes. I think we may have found our new Super Summer ale...


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