Julia & Justin: A Special Round of Wedding Beer!

The Story

Shortly after finding out about my sister's engagement over a year ago, one of the first wedding decisions was of course...beer! As formal "Save-the-dates" and bridal parties were assembled, I received a shiny envelope which revealed a very official request for me to act as their "Brewmaster." I'll be posting more pictures from the event this weekend, but I wanted to share some of the recipes that have been designed, tinkered, and ultimately executed way down in Charleston, South Carolina before travelling all the way up to Philadelphia for the big day. Also, a special brew from our cousin Chris up in Brooklyn. I think these will make it into the regular rotation at the Zorn house, I hope you might try to brew some for yourself.

Cheers to Julia and Justin! 

The Brews

Pop’s Hops
American IPA

We like to think of this recipe as a Zorn classic, born from Julia’s dad’s, Burk, love of all things Hoppy. This IPA is brewed in the “west-coast” style, and multiple dry-hop additions showcase copious American hops like Columbus, Mosaic, and Citra giving it a distinct citrus aroma.
Specs: O.G. 1.058, 6.9abv, 67ibu

Eakins’ Saison

A great edition to the arsenal of Saisons brewed and enjoyed at family gatherings. We took a special twist on this batch for Justin by adding malted wheat to the grain bill and keeping the alcohol content low…for maximum drinkability ;) The wheat’s round texture is complemented by wonderful “Saison” flavors of pepper, clove, and citrus.
Specs: O.G. 1.046, 5.5abv, 15ibu

 CafĂ© con Leche Stout
A family of brewers; this incredible beer was brewed by Julia’s cousin Chris Lovrich. Milk sugars add an incredible mouthfeel while cold-brewed coffee provides a delicious accent to the Stout’s underlying notes of espresso and chocolate. Breakfast Beer anyone? Specs: 4.3abv,13ibu

The Setup

More to follow....


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