Flying Ace Summer Wheat Pale Ale

The Story: Being at the Naval Postgraduate School has been a unique experience for a variety of reasons but second-to-none is the opportunity to meet fellow students who come from an incredible diversity of backgrounds. While the Coast Guard has afforded me several experiences in isolated locations with great cultures, I didn't ever think I'd have a single class with an US Army Artillery officer, Colombian Navy officer, and some of our Navy's elite pilots who will soon report to the Test Pilot School in Maryland. This brew was an introduction to brewing process for some of my friends, who just happened to be members of that later select group.

The Beer: Inspired by the idea of taking American Pale Ale in a direction toward summer. This beer features a healthy portion of American Wheat and Light Caramel for a slightly hazy blond color with some character and considerable mouth feel. To balance the wheat but not overpower it, the German Noble hop Tettnanger was used for a mild bitterness and a fairly new variety similar to Cascade called Ahtanum was used for flavor and aroma (in whole leaf form as well!)

Malt:American 2-Row (49%), German Pilsner (14%), American Wheat(30%), Crystal 20 (7%)

Hops: Tettnanger, Ahtanum
Yeast: Pacman (Generation 4)

Specs: O.G. 1.048, 5.3abv, 22ibu